The sharper vision for clean cotton

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Unsurpassed performance for clean cotton

Detect and eliminate all kind of contamination in cotton tufts

Clean cotton for todays high quality demands

Jossi Systems belongs for many years to the leading suppliers in the production of machi­nery to recognize and eliminate foreign particles in cotton tufts.
Today, Jossi Systems exports machinery to all cotton-processing countries. Global sales, assembly and service are the key tasks to satisfy our customers all over the world.
A number of quality minded partners complement the own contribution of Jossi Systems.

The high standard of our products is achieved thanks to the most modern production technolo­gies. Our products are continuously improved. Thanks to the knowledge and the constant dialog between engineering, production, sales and customers all over the world.



The multitalented THE VISION SHIELD is located at the beginning of the line for the yarn production.
Foreign particles in cotton tufts are divided into different groups.
They differ by color, contrast, structure and bright and clear particles, as well as white and non-transparent particles.
The task is to recognize and eliminate all these kinds of foreign particles in the cotton tuft.
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The efficiency of MAGICEYE’s unique detection system for synthetics, focussed on the key contaminations polypropylene and polyethylene, is unsurpassed in efficiency.
The patented system shows its competence at numerous leading spinning mills worldwide.
The MAGICEYE is the only system on the market that identifies synthetics based on their physical properties.
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The COMBO SHIELD consists of a high sensitive metal – and spark detection system.
This combination of THE METAL SHIELD and
THE FIRE SHIELD guarantees best security, preventing damage due to sparks and metal parts in the transportation ducts of cotton tufts in blow room lines. Therefore, costly mechanical damage on the machinery as well as spark fires can be avoided.
THE METAL SHIELD for the efficient detection of metal.
THE FIRE SHIELD for the efficient detection of sparks and embers.
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